Wednesday, February 24, 2010

:: Prank chronicles (Part 1 that starts it all) ::

Pranks can be done almost anywhere with anything. All you need is a creative mind. Remember, pranks are made to make people laugh with you. The moment it gets out of hand, than its no longer a prank.

Heres the details of the prank.

Victim : Rika
Partner in crime : Lash
People not to let see me doing it : Grace (Paoto kiak!)

The prank : Tea bags leftover cabinet surprise.

What will happen is, i will take those paper thingy from used tea bags, fill up a box full with it and pour it into Rika's cabinet. Yes....pour the whole thing inside. This will take a few weeks to accomplish because there's only so much tea i can drink. It doesnt help that Lash, the tea king, is at work only on Wednesday and Friday.

A picture to show the progress of it

1 comment: said...

pelan pelan kayuh. and no, i don't want to drink tea to speed up filling up the surprise.