Wednesday, December 30, 2009

:: Resolutions Update ::

Fellow ladies and genitals.... Here is my list for 2009. An update.

01. Get a new guitar - Not going to my guitar too much now to get a newer one
02. Get a new multi fx - Got me an AX3000G multi fx pedal!
03. Learn to use the multi fx - Got it figured out good enough to perform with it.
04. Get a label to sign my band - Still no luck and no longer a priority
05. Go to the Zoo - Was planning to go at the end of the year but a broken ankle just hinders things
06. Go to the Night Safari - broken ankle
07. Go to the Jurong Bird Park - broken freaking ankle
08. Go on a holiday - broken freaking ankle
09. Get Raman to suck Bob's dick - Raman is STILL not buying the idea
10. Buy a dictionary - Ahhhh....why buy when there is an online version of it
11. Have breakfast more often - Success!!!
12. Go to more gigs - broken ankle
13. Keep telling myself to go to more gigs - Ok...go to more gigs
14. Make blogspot - You are reading it now
15. Learn to make a blogspot - Its simple but i like it
16. Remember more birthdays - So far so good....
17. Remember the lyrics to "Happy Birthday to you" (I only know the monkey version) - My little bro taught me
18. Watch more movies - Not that many good shows around anymore
19. Go Sentosa - read broken ankle
20. Make band shirt - We are still waiting for the money....donations anyone?21. Think of more things to say onstage - Still thinking....

9 out of 20 is not bad at all....Wait, who am i kidding. Its freaking bad!!! But no fears.... some of this will be push forward to the next year and some will just be dropped. Next entry...."2010 RESOLUTIONS LIST!"

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