Friday, June 04, 2010

:: The engine has started ::

Went over to an invite only opening ceremony for Streetfest 2010, Younity. Such a honour to be invited and seeing the whole ceremony, it made me realize that I'm part of something big and meaningful to the art scene. The whole month of June will be busy and after the ceremony today, i just realize that the engine has started. Can't wait to be on stage. Plus, our ugly faces appeared in the booklet. Since it is the size of a 20cent coin, to some we've made it. Since i have topped what you did in your whole music career, now you have to top what i did. Putting jackasses aside, I hope people would come to see us and i can bloody promise people there i'll wear my heart on my sleeves and make you understand me more by hearing what i have to say in my songs. A new guitar? A new sound? Some new clothes? Nah, i'm not that big of a rockstar. But yeah, this Streetfest will freaking kick ass!

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