Wednesday, February 11, 2009

::Shocking News!::

This week is nothing but shocking news.... On Monday, I found out that Blink 182 is back!!! Watch their announcement here. I basically grew up listening to them, my influence in music mostly them, i wanted a band so bad after watching their "First Date" video. the news of their breakup really shocked me years ago, (to think my ex girlfriend was there when it happen...jinx). So this news is the best I've heard so far for this year. Really can't wait for the new album!!!

Second shocking news but better one is Scolari is finally sacked from Chelsea! I'm sooooo happy for that coz under him, we lost our records and is now resting at 4th in the Premiership table.

Lastly..... after sooooo long, i stumble upon another band name Oligarhy! So what must i do now? Sue them or something? ahaks! Well, went to their myspace but there's no music so that kinda suck. And the best thing is, they too are grunge. Shit! Check their myspace here

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